Arifureta is literally my favorite show of last season: Part one – the best looking show ever.

No seriously, Arifureta is favorite show from last season. Not Dr. Stone, not Vinland Saga, not detective Fate. Arifureta. The show that’s regarded as “utter trash” by even the fans of the original novel or manga is my favorite anime of last season.


Cause it’s utter trash.

A lot of bad anime just tend to not made well or boring. This can be caused by the lack of interesting characters, unpleasant aesthetics in art or lack of all the technical jargon that critics talk about. All of that usually seems to be caused by a lack of money, time or care put into the show. However, rarely is a show so bad in every factor of production, to the point where it needs a recap episode after episode five. But ladies and gentlemen, after the unprecedented appearance of Garzey’s wing in 1997, and Jiggly Jiggly Heaven, a fiction anime within Shirobako, a brand new abomination has appeared: Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou.

Let’s start off with some scenes in the show. Episode one of Arifureta starts off with some fire and blue rocks. Why they added? Who knows. But a dialogue I picture that would have resulted in this is:

Staff: The intro looks kind of empty, shouldn’t we do something?

Director: Hey add some fire and blue rocks! It will look super cool

The rocks also come with translucent scenes on top of them. When I first watched this, I had no idea what was going on at all. I presumed these were all events that either happened or will happen in the future. But when a random person presumably fell down from the sky with no connection to any event, location or character at all, it left me curious why they even put the scenes in at all. A flashback is used when they want to show what happened previously so viewers better understand the situation. Well THIS SHOW HAS MANAGED TO HAVE A FLASHBACK THAT DOESN’T TELL VIEWERS ANYTHING. You can start off the story with a flashback, but it should be telling you about the character or possibly a past conflict which will be addressed throughout the show. 

The show then moves on to some of the most edge-filled, hilarious dialogue I’ve seen in my life since episode one of Goblin Slayer. My favourite line in the whole show is “I don’t want to die. DIE!” repeated like 5 times before he realizes he should eat monster. Of course that seems like the most obvious plan of action, but the show portrays this action as something super brave. I guess eating monsters were seen as horrible? Who knows? At this point, I knew that Arifureta wasn’t a fantasy show: it was a comedy.

Of course there is also Arifuerta’s most iconic moments which really makes up the show: the CGI. Watching the CGI Dragon’s face crash straight towards the ground was probably one of the most satisfying moments of my life. Never in my life have I seen the most ridiculous looking scene ever. This blows Berserk 2016’s movements out of the water. It was great. Seriously.  

First time I watched this episode, I was just confused. I had no idea what was going on because everything moved super quickly. Although I was laughing at the CGI monsters and the hilariously stupid dialogue of the main character, I had almost no idea what was going on. But once I started taking this show as a comedy rather than a real show, I started seeing the light in this show.

This show was obviously rushed. Every facet of this show is downright horrible. You might be saying “there isn’t any evidence they were rushed, they might have had a lack of budget.” Well the thing is… no show has a recap episode after the fifth episode. Ah actually never-mind. I guess even the producers knew how confusing the first 5 episodes are.

Now that I think about it… this show was very reminiscent of the first episode of Garzey’s Wing.

Continued in part 2…

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